Spacecraft to search for extraterrestrial life

Dec 16, 2020
According to Dyson, in the near future, it will be possible to build a spacecraft to search for extraterrestrial life, the power source for which would be the environment, and which would be able to create a significant number of copies of itself upon arrival in another system to expand the search field. The number of such search vehicles would grow exponentially, since each of the newly created vehicles, upon arrival at their destination, would again create copies, which would allow the search to cover a significant part of the galaxy. Even for a limited time of up to a billion years, copies of such an apparatus would already be on all the planets of the Galaxy, which has not yet been observed.
This assumption was put forward quite a long time ago.
Does anyone know about progress in this direction? Do you think we will see such a device soon?
Nov 12, 2020
This proposed multiplication mechanism already exists in viruses. In the human exploration of the Solar system and space, considerable care is taken to prevent any transmission of viruses and other similar biological organisms into an alien environment. Given the vast distances between galaxies . the expansion of space, Dyson's idea sounds more like a model of human population expansion on Earth dream scaped into science fiction.
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