Solar maximum could hit us harder and sooner than we thought. How dangerous will the sun's chaotic peak be?

Jun 26, 2023
Perhaps we are Already in "Global Warming" ! The reason we do not feel it yet; is because the earth is actually in a Mini Ice Age ! Once the Ice Age ends and the solar maximum hits; We Gonna Get It !
Jul 7, 2023
What I DO know is that as we broke very old records this past week for record highs I happened to notice many of the hardened fauna including grasses that are typically VERY strong, began to break down and literally fry from the sun, and this occurred even though all of the subjects were well watered. This leads me to believe that due to our depleted Ozone we could be very well witnessing 1st hand accounts of higher radiation getting through to our planet. This in turn would seem to give cause to a future whereby it may be much more challenging to grow foods than previously expected. Again, this is not a statement based in science rather from simple observation of things that have not been seen prior to these latest record breaking highs. I certainly hope we can get our **** together sooner rather than later, it certainly seems our lives depend upon it.