Satellites may have been underestimating the planet's warming for decades

Feb 19, 2020
Well, Professor Dr.. much for those "settled science" climate models that have influenced policy over the years and still do. The fact remains that it doesn't matter which models are right or which are wrong. All of us will have to live with whatever happens simply because those constant and "urgent" demands for a rapid lowering our emissions will not lower the CO2 we have already added, nor the global average temperature... a small number that is only a fractional increase over what it was pre-industrially. We should be taking note of the fact that the pandemic travel lockdowns did lower our CO2 emissions but the climate's atmosphere still made a new record while global economies suffered. Try imagining the same lowering of emissions but without those same social and economic results. Not a very useful or well thought out policy.
Mar 4, 2020
After much study of mankind's behavior, and reasoning, I believe that in the end, it will be determined the activity of man has saved this planet from extinction. This planet was about to starve the plant life here. Look at the records. Man should add a lot more CO2 and get it back up to normal. Around 1500 ppm.

Coal might be our most valuable resource. We might be making a grave mistake.

Giving assumptions the authority of facts, can be very misleading. And give a false realization.

Man might actually kill the planet by trying to save it.

We know for sure that more CO2 will not harm the planet, from past records. BUT, we have no records of lower CO2 levels. Yet, that's where the educated want to go.

They call this educated science.

And all this time, I thought only carpenters and plumbers blamed their tools.