Pacific lamprey: The jawless fish that survived 4 mass extinctions and sucks prey dry of blood and body fluids

Oct 29, 2021
insects, viruses, and parasites, OH MY!

the ocean is a dark dangerous and deadly place.. D D and D.
Full of such nasty creatures as lampreys and jellies, brainless stinging tentacled polyps known as CORAL.
invading infectious parasitic Algae, bacteria, paramecia, cysts, parasitic worms ....
on and on...
Environment/Nature is neither precious nor benevolent, it is harsh , deadly, nasty and deadly.
Nature/Environment is trying a million ways to kill and consume you every minute of every day.
Even the burning/cancering sun, the drowning freezing open waters.

We humans survive and thrive to the degree we SEPARATE from and USE the environment's resources as much and as frequently as possible.
MAXIMIZE energy and its use every day:
dig, drill, dredge,
scoop, pile, cut, clear,
alter, produce, generate,
extract, burn, build,
combine, consume, control, leverage, optimize, automate

Each of us thrives to the degree we separate from the environment and do the above things to tailor our own comfy, safe, private, convenient, healthy enabling environments.

and remember, parasites are BAD...they suck, figuratively and literally.