No aliens in NASA's debut UFO report — but big questions remain

Dec 28, 2022
Interesting, they found no evidence of UFOs being alien in nature, but we know that humans can't make machines that perform like these clearly solid, metallic objects do. That doesn't leave many alternatives, if they are not human devices, and we are the only species on the planet that can make complex machines, that really only leaves one option.

Of course, NASA is saying "they could be a natural phenomena" but all the evidence points against that. There have been thousands of witnesses to solid, physical machines that perform impossible manoeuvres, from pilots to military to whole towns of people, as well as several incidents where dozens to hundreds of school kids witnesses machines and even entities close-up (Ariel school, for example). Because science doesn't recognise anecdotal evidence, even when it is overwhelming, scientific investigations often come to a grinding halt with a "we don't know what they are" type result. Unless a craft lands and the pilots invite NASA scientists onboard, NASA will always reach a "We don't know what these are" result.