New Anti-Aging Clinical Trial Begins. For $1 Million, You Can Be a Participant.

Feb 25, 2020
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There is only evidence suggesting this will work, and the "study" that shows otherwise has a post-modern and flawed methodology. Looking for statistical correlations, to cast doubt on what the Harvard study clearly proved, is just a form of pathological sickness.

Did they prove those rats didn't live longer than any rat ever before? No... did they try to prove how human cells are fundamentally different in ways not known before? No... so then what did they actually seek to do, other than to intentionally cast doubt on one of the greatest medical science breakthroughs in our lifetime? You either have a hypothesis with some explanation for why you have that hypothesis based on sound science, or you shouldn't get mentioned in magazine articles.

This isn't string theory nonsense, this isn't diet and lifestyle, this is the scientific foundation for improving the human condition... ACROSS THE BOARD. This is like discovering that bacteria die when placed near penicillin, the proof is in the results, and the results have been shown very clearly.
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