Mystery blobs in Earth's mantle may be linked to ancient gold and platinum that arrived from space

Oct 26, 2023
I actually predicted this in 2020 and 2021.... Somebody with scientific equipment needs to contact me. I know I have the evidence for this article... There's at least, green majorite garnets, emeralds, chrome diopside and these irony metal nodules with varying degrees of magnetism from specimen to specimen.

They so shiny with rare highly textures surfaces. The carbon tube checker board "fabric" patterns too and what not. The iron is weathered brown or black or rust color and and the shiny stuff â Metal rock I been calling most of it. And I possibly might have a new gemstone too. Hopefully the gem stone version of Platinum...... 724 332 2429

Also have a diamond with shiny metallic nodules in the same blue green gray rock... diamond looks like it was molten some point. The rim looks like a roller coaster, like it was fluid and hardened instantly. And I Think I got fibrous cubic diamonds as well. Basically everything of value. Someone needs to do some lab work, I can't afford it and it won't be a waste of your time

There is chromium. In the ground, local historical scientific fact. Oil was discovered a dozen or so miles north ish of me.... I have the proof for this article.....I BET MY LIFE ON IT. EVEN THE GEMSTONES ATTRACT RARE EARTH MAGNETS. I'm going to win a Nobel prize for it too
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