Moderna says COVID-19 vaccine is safe and effective in children

Dec 16, 2021
COVID 10 commandments: (I know, it seems like more, but mathematics is racist as we know)

- Drug company marketers always tell the truth.
- On TV, they always tell you the truth.
- When a man with tie talks, it's doubly true.
- If he's wearing a white coat, it's triply true.
- A man who boned up for 10 years knows everything better than a man who thinks.
- Of course, if the expert contradicts his statement of 1-2 weeks before, then both statements are perfectly true.
- Facebook and Google only censor any counter-opinion because these are necessarily lies.
- The official position is sacred and always perfectly consistent with the truth.
- Anyone who has a different opinion from the official position is an evil terrorist.
- World and national leaders are all good, philanthropic, self-sacrificing people.
- Covidist Jews-in-Chiefs (Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Klaus Schwab, Henry Kissinger, Reuters, Google, New York Times, etc...) are like world and national leaders.
- The main owners and shareholders of pharmaceutical companies are not interested in profits.
- Any experimental formula put together in a few months is perfectly safe, with no short or long-term side effects.
- If someone donates millions of dollars to organisations (e.g. Bill Gates -> WHO), media companies, politicians, he does not expect anything in return.
- There is no such thing as an immune system, and it is well known that in the old days no one reached sexual maturity.
- The human organism is not viable, it can only be operated by artificial chemical substances.

If you disagree with the above, then you are a mass murderer, a science denier, a heretic, a virus denier, an anti-vaccine terrorist, and you are the reason I have to sit at home, vaccinated, in three masks and a hazmat suit!