Question Human + Tardigrade DNA?

Nov 18, 2019
There isn't a separate section for genetics, so I guess I'll just post this here...

If we do manage to merge tardigrade DNA with human DNA, what does this do to our perception of the "tree of life?"

Even if they start with mice, it's still a convergence of branches... on the other hand, we know that some merges took place eons ago in the early days of life, before we got all specialized (mitochondria, anyone?). At least we're all from the same planet. For now!

Meanwhile, untold numbers of bacteria species and viruses are happily experimenting with us too. Fair. :)


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Nov 20, 2019
That's an interesting question. The idea of gene-editing would mean humans would just have a tiny bit of DNA from tardigrades spliced in. It would be as if humans were evolving to have resistance to radioactivity. Tardigrades are cute to look at for sure but I, for one, do not want any more than a tiny big of their DNA. If anyone else has any opinions on this, I'd love to hear - about the tree of life question that is!
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