Hormonal birth control slightly increases breast cancer risk, regardless of type

Mar 23, 2023
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AN ex friend in 1991 was diagnosed with breast cancer after her 4 yr. old daughter climbing up onto her lap accidentally elbowed her left breast. When she got up the following morning she discovered a huge lump in her breast about the size of a baseball. After having a mammogram & biopsy they found a cancerous tumor that required the removal of her breast to make sure they got it all.
She had been on oral birth control for over 27 yrs. The strength of the B.C. pills were a lot stronger earlier, so it contributed along with being a smoker.
I was 19 when I decided to get a tubal because I didn't want to take birth control pills. I already had 2 healthy children, and my husband and me decided no more children I had an excellent OB/GYN who help me get the care I needed without having to fight any issues about it.
I am thankful that I chose to have the tubal because my doctor was very blunt about the pill & cancer that feeds on the estrogen. I even lived through menopause without HRT for awhile.
Thank you for the great article.