Hidden colors and intricate patterns discovered on the 2,500-year-old Parthenon Marbles from ancient Greece

Oct 14, 2023
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The Ancient Egyptians used color on all their structures except the pyramids themselves. But, every temple and man sized statue was painted. The constant sandblasting from the winds got rid of the color & so does rain(when it does rain it is a downpour) Rare is a surface that does not suffer from one natural event (sun bleaching, sandblasting, & rain. Consider too where the color comes from...it is colored earth (blue is from copper oxide, red is from berries, or another ground up mineral rock mixed with water and oils to make paint; purple is either from berries or combining red & blue together? so still waterbased. White is from limestone. Green can be from the juice of green plants.(still water based)..or it could be oil based as the oil comes from the "fat" of slaughtered animals. (They had lots of time to experiment) They also had a full palate of colors. Where the elements do not shine(or blast or drip) on them is the original colors.
. So the early Greeks & Romans would have seen it and as they were the "later" dominant Empires - they definitely would have "painted" their sculptured stuff too.
.So did Babylon. Assyrian civilization was just into the stone carving. Same goes for Ancient Sumeria.
. The Persians did color their surroundings. As can be seen by their rugs.
. The fact you can't see the colors "does not mean they never existed"
Your equipment is not sensitive enough to TEST yet.

. Many years have gone by, and the Victorian Era was a destructive time as the statues of the ancient were anatomically correct which meant the men had erect penises....the Victorian explorers broke those off as to the ancients NOTHING was PORNOGRAPHIC. It was as the MAN stood.
. I have been using Y.T. a long time(Win98 era) & have noted that Y.T. also deletes that part of the full image.("Victorian Era" mentality)
Women had breasts.(even in those days) a shocker!
. The sculptures were correct. Nudity was not an "evil thing". It never was. That is Victorian Age mentality.
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