Here's the Biden-Harris plan to beat COVID-19

I can’t believe that Biden left out the things that made Victoria succeed in reducing new cases to zero.
  1. Meticulous contact tracing
  2. Collecting contact details of those who go to cafes etc.
  3. Isolation of all positive cases
  4. Tripple testing and isolation for two weeks of all people arriving from elsewhere
  5. Isolation of communities and cities with positive traces
  6. Strict border control of states to prevent cases from spreading into and out of states and towns
  7. Social lockdown. The stronger it is at the start, the shorter it will be.
  8. Allied to all the above must be social support such as an increased social wage for al those who are not working for whatever reason.
  9. Free medical care for the duration
  10. Do I think America will do these? Not on past experience. They will wait for a vaccine then battle it out with the anti vaxxers.
Nov 11, 2020
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I don't want this to get political, but I really don't think Biden has a "plan" per se. Aside from Science, and It's a Real Thing. Both of which are good, but in reality, we just need a vaccine and a focus on masks/social distancing/hand washing. Short of a government lockdown, that's all we can really expect.

Increased testing? Yah, people just aren't going to DO it anyway. It's already available. Unless it's mandated in the workplace, people won't do it. MANDATORY masks? Sounds great...except, what are you going to do, arrest people who don't wear masks in public? It's really up to private business. You can mandate they CLOSE, or limit number of people, but that brings us to the next point...

SHUTDOWNS. Which, is really what would have helped in the first place. I mean, REAL shutdowns, across the country. No interstate travel, no construction work, no buying crap at Lowe's/Home Depot. No food delivery. National guard delivering food or enforcing limited social excursions for truly necessary stuff: food pickup (only OUTSIDE the store, put in the trunk by workers; gas pumped by gas station works, people stay in car etc).

In reality, hard to achieve any true shutdown goals, we just didn't have the national will-or the world will-for it. It was instituted in a haphazard, state-by-state, county by county fashion...but that's federalism isn't it? The Federal government really can't force states to do this kind of stuff.

Going forward? Focus on vaccine distribution. Mandate vaccines in certain workplaces perhaps? Schools? After all, Hep B is mandatory for most health care workers. Many school districts require vaccines. This is the only conversation that needs to happen now-the most urgent. WHAT are we going to do when vaccines are available?

What do we do with the people who CHOOSE not to get vaccinated? Sorry for the lengthy post, this was ad hoc.