Here's how the COVID-19 pandemic could play out over the next two years


Jan 18, 2020
I have the hunch that if no restriction measures were adopted, and the remark in SciAm: 'Forcing men to wear a mask is a castration act' is always to be kept in mind, the outbreak would have hit all suscpetible, not isolated populations by next 2020 fall, but this may induce an unbearable overload on Emergency and Hospital services, thus, no choice but to implement restrictions, which will slow down contagion pace, but not eliminate it.
The economical consequences of keeping everyone at home, let's say 'home imprisonment', forced cloister life, won't be mitigated in years, even if all activity came back to normal before summer 2020, the cease of activity in the confiment period has irreversible side effects on economy, certainly, very good for a brake in Global Warming, which could be already entering a fast feedback loop, towards desertification or wet greenhouse.
A fey, Therese Musco, from Italy, she died in 1976, forecasted something that reminds both the 'End of World' in Lk 21, 25-27; and the 'Clathrate shotgun', as in Wikipedia.
They felt in right a s to impose personal restrictions, it's time they cosnider restrictions to enterprises in energy wasting activities, let's say, limit AC in summer to not cooler than 22-23º C, not hotter in winther than 19-20º C, reducing taxation to energy saving products: e.g. insulation, aluminum radiators instead of iron radiators for home heating, 'thermodynamic pumps' for building conditioning and water heating, but results in this line may be difficult to achieve in the times of low oil, low energy costs from demand contraction.
The automotive industry did a great job in improving economy, emissions, but there could still be more technology niches for savings to dig.
A well defined and planned tactics to reduce as much as possible, as soon as possible energy wasting, overall energy use, is urgent, a categorical imperative.
Probably, Paris and Marrakech conferences limits, 1.5 º C and 2º C may have been already surpassed year 2019 (Why were not arranged as 'teleconferences', 'webinars' to avoid gigatons CO2 emission from travelling?) Thanks. Blessigns +
Mar 26, 2020
I've herd that immunity is the answer to the spread of this panacademic!
Yeah!, but vaccines may take some time to be available, it's not know yet the grade of immunity, of protection it will induce, 'herd immunity' requires many cases. What will happen? I don't know. Blessings +


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