Fusion power key to Earth's survival, says Bill Nye in exclusive interview

Jan 14, 2023
I do believe Mr. Nye is confusing the Earth's survival with human survival. The earth does not need fusion power.
Temperate & Polar ppl do, maybe males in general for survival & development in inhospitable areas away from Tropics or habitable deserts. It is the next step though in tech evolution but we also see seemingly unnecessary ideas like sun shields and natural conflicts occurring.
It may be necessary for balanced development so that we don’t descend into chaos but continue processing and managing natural resources better.
But you’re right, earth or its life (humans) don’t necessarily need it. We’re just too uncommunicative & uncooperative.
We need to not just stay out of each other’s ways but also to coordinate intelligently. In the age of smart phones humans seems to be losing their minds to them. As well as AI seems to be somewhat replacing natural intelligence and seems like we’re descending into chaotic emotionalism.
Fusion should compliment natural Solar energy not replace it. It will be useful in the future but we always live in the present.
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