Fluid leaked from scuba diver's blood vessels after 100-foot cave dive in rare medical case

Jul 22, 2023
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Being familiar with this case, the diver was a technical deep diver that had completed over 6hrs of diving (spanned over 3 dives within 24hrs) with an average depth of 100'. The individual has over 20 years of experience with over 5000 dives to their qualifications. They were trained and certified to this level, and had done these dives numerous times before. That saying, dives like that should only be done by properly trained and qualified individuals.
Jul 31, 2020
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It's usually safe to dive up to 30 ft. without potential consequences. Anything more than that there can be dire consequences.

Cave dives in general are risky because people can get lost or trapped or or problems with equipment have a greater risk. And changes in your age/health with undetected issues can make it worse. Maybe something about his health status changed due to his age (high blood pressure, platelets, undiagnosed illness etc.).

I wouldn't do it. Even with training and certification, you must evaluate the risk. Some people think it's worth it, others don't.