Earth’s core and climate change

Jun 12, 2021
I read the article on Earth’s core growing, which is stated to be the result of cooling of the inner core. Heat does not disappear it transfers to another source which is described as the outer core. Could this heat be transferring to the earth’s crust and then the atmosphere adding to warming of the earth and climate change. There has been increased volcanic activity which also transfers heat to the earth surface. It is time to start making this relationship to climate change.
Mar 4, 2020
The earth does not need the sun to stay warm. It only needs the sun to grow plants. If we took the earth and put in deep space, all alone, the planet earth would continue to be warm. One can dig down anywhere on this planet....and hit ~50 degrees F. And the deeper you dig, the warmer it gets. Plus, this planet is saturated with hot pressurized water. So, even all alone in deep space, we have temp and water. Drilling down and releasing this water to atmosphere will warm the surface for life to continue. But the plant life needs sunlight, to support all the other life.

If we were knocked out of orbit, all of our energy would have to be diverted into light and CO2, for the plants.

According to past records, the normal CO2 levels are about 1500 ppm for this planet. The past ~40 million years of low CO2 levels are a fluke, and possibly limiting the plant life. Man's activity might be saving this planet.