Does sleeping burn calories?

Sep 6, 2020
Not the best written article in my opinion as the answers are there, but anyone reading the start will walk away with mis-information...
A few points-

"Does sleeping burn calories? Our team of sleep experts and nutritionists provides the answers " - No... The activity of 'sleeping' does not burn calories, maintaining your body's functionality burns calories so do you need to breath whilst you are asleep? yes..., but you're not burning calories as you are asleep.

"Too little sleep has been linked to obesity " - Can it be clarified if the main culprit is, if you are awake you are eating whereas you are unlikely to when asleep.

"This [sleep] is your body’s strengthening and repairing process, and it’s a process that sends your immune system into overdrive. " - Not in connection with the article, but a link to an article on dementia would be great here.

"If you weren’t gifted with a fast metabolism " - Hyperthyroidism aside.

"The larger a person’s body, the more calories it requires to function. " - Important to note you should not exceed a calorie deficit of 1000 in a given 24-hr period and unless under specialist supervision should not consume under 1500 cals in a 24-hr period regularly/ intentionally. Be aware that as you lose weight, your calorific needs drop.... Hitting a 'plateau' in weight loss could be connected to not adjusting your food intake against your successes.

"Muscle burns more calories than fat, so people who are fit and exercise regularly – particularly strength training – will burn more calories " - Remember that muscle mass typically reduces as we age as well as exercise reducing upon retirement so food intake needs to be calculated against this.

"Pregnancy, [snip] and other conditions can all affect calorie requirements. " - Be careful not to fall into the trap and myth of eating for two.... At 8 weeks pregnancy baby does not need a large Big Mac (TM) meal.