COVID-19 vaccines are on the fast-track to approval. How will we know they're safe?

Apr 17, 2020
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For one thing, there is no proven vaccine, as yet. Promises of a vaccine are spurious to say the least and offer nothing but false hope, intended to keep 'the people' calm and in expectation. For another, the WHO who will administer to the world is a sub-group of the Gates Foundation that owns 25 pharmaceutical production companies. Gates himself has promised to build five facilities to produce 'the vaccine', one on each continent. Unless he provides that product for free to all, should it ever become available, then he undermines his desired reputation as 'saviour' and reveals himself to be what some suspect, a catastrophe capitalist.
Add to the wonder and praise that all those in charge are 'charming' towards themselves that seven and a half billion people will need the protection, protection that they are promising like an IPO, by which I mean 'invisible value' for an 'intangible object' that will be subject to belief alone for its value, you have not a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, wrapped in an enigma, but a fraud, wrapped in a fantasy, wrapped in a crime of gigantic proportion. Everyone will have to pay or die, should a vaccine come about from the doubtless genuine efforts of hundreds and thousands of academics and lab workers, who are busting a gut to deliver the impossible.
It may be worth noting that the hit or miss flu vaccine did not arrive until 70 years after the Spanish Flu epidemic of 1919. No other successful vaccine has been produced in less than four years (the Rotavirus in 1998). A 'search' for a vaccine for HIV Aids has been ongoing since 1981 and has yet to prove successful and given the propensity for companies to enjoy the certainty of research grants over the vicissitudes of commercial exploitation, then it is entirely possible that every 'potential' Covid19 vaccine will fail, if only to retain the funding for the search. This is all the more likely due to the similarity of Covid to the HIV virus in that they share the hitherto unconquerable feature of the spikes by which the virus attaches itself to healthy cells. I am not an expert, these are just things I have read, some on these pages.
The surprising hope, that I find myself thinking is that as has been mentioned and speedily shunted off the radar, Covid19 may be an engineered virus. Nobel Laureate, Luc Montagnier appears to think so and to say that it is 'too perfect' and must thus be natural simply defies and disrespects the expertise of all those working in the fields of genetics and viral investigation. We are in a world where science has exceeded the methods and manners of nature on a regular basis, so that cannot be dismissed as lightly as it has. We are simply unwilling to believe it. Any of the major players in biological research could easily have accumulated the skill and methodology to create a virus such as Covid. Think of the poisons such as Novachok, developed in the 1970s and 'still' described as an 'advanced' nerve agent. The hope is therefor that what man hath made, man can put asunder. But that opens up and even more sinister series of possibilities. If man-made... and I know that is globally disloyal thing to say, that 'one of us' could do that... then who? Government? Then which? Rogue state? Rogue businessman? Again, who? But if so, those who made it know damn well how it might be dismantled in the body and might well already have a vaccine and are merely biding their time for its optimal release. I hate to say it but when one hears of the 'players' in The Covid Stock Crash making billions, while globally no nation goes untouched, it seems unlikely to me that a vaccine will be created unless it is economically suitable to those in power and those with the wealth to profit from the change of the tide.
Whatever Covid19 may be, be it an actual virus or a deliberately divisive political scam, we are all under its spell and no-one is allowing dissent from the basic idea of it, however their acknowledgement of its existence is expressed. Covid has become god and as with all gods, it has followers and fearers, detractors and peddlars. Its new priests are inventing rituals as fast as they can find them popular. A vaccine will only generate a new breed of prelates and prophets and a new wave of pirates and profits.
God bloody help us. If we win, we lose.