Coronavirus may dice heart muscle fibers into tiny snippets, remove cells' DNA

Sep 11, 2020
The differences in lab and body testing is that lab has separated out a single or selected cells/tissues to observe a single reaction or function which in its natural state would be affected by other chemicals, hormones, body responses or outside influences. such as - heart tissue damage could result in chemicals or toxins that trigger white cell or T-cell response to interfere with virus processes or encapsulate affected area - these responses are triggered in areas away from observed cells. Lab tests are investigative to narrow down areas of research, giving hints of what may be happening. Thats why medications don't have same results in everyone - different metabolisms, allergic reactions, hormonal responses, chemical/nutritional availability, etc. Hope that helps. Most things takes years of research to figure out how it all works together [think factory - materials in, product out and get pretty complicated]