China discovers strange glass beads on moon that may contain billions of tons of water

Absolutely astounding! H2O in little glass beads all over the moon that may (which also means may not) contain billions of tons of water!! And there's oxygen in the soil on the moon too!? I didn't know the moon has soil....I thought it was dust?
The only thing that ruffles my space suit is that China discovered the wet glass balls first. You'd think that would be hard to miss when we walked on the moon back in the day, but congrats to human kind anyways.
The rumor buzzing around the worlds collective space agencies is that China is looking to immediately send rockets back into space heading for Mars. The CCP has good information that they may (or may not) have found balls made of kryptonite , which is a native element on Mars, full of Kool-Aid. Several trillion tons of the sweet stuff is what the earliest guesses coming out of China's space cadet academy have projected.
When asked what they've consider doing with the unbelievably unbelievable find: Sum Guy said they would make plans to bring the Kool-Aid back to earth so everyone can drink the Kool-Aid. That is of course only after we first drink that water sitting in all those glass balls on the moon!
Cheers! Oh Yeah!
Mar 29, 2023
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Scientists detected water trapped inside glass spherules on the moon after analyzing soil samples brought back by China's Chang'e-5 mission.

China discovers strange glass beads on moon that may contain billions of tons of water : Read more
There is no way to confirm that all of the glass spherules have the same amounts of water in each one. Also, perhaps some are contaminated with who knows what. The Chinese will never get it home so no worry. What do they hope? Chinese will hold the key to all future water...baloney!
Apr 1, 2023
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To my knowledge there is no atmosphere (or soil) on the moon. Therefore liquid water could not exist there no matter what the temperature is. It would evaporate the moment it reached the surface. If the spherules really do contain water, it could be collected & extracted in a pressurized environment.