Cannabis use in pregnancy linked to small birth size, other poor outcomes

Dec 23, 2023
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As a medical Marijuana patient and a mom, I don't agree with studied. If it wasn't for Cannibis use during my pregnancy, my son wouldn't be here. I underwent allot of complications, throughout my pregnancy. At one point my son's life and mine were at risk, due to low lying placenta. I never overused cannabis during my pregnancy, but I always tried to medicate at least once a day.

My son was born 5 days earlier from my due date, because of my fluid levels they chose to due an induction, and he was perfectly fine! 19+in., 8lbs., 4oz., stubborn little guy..but a warrior nonetheless. And, although I had tested positive for Marijuana, he did not. I was also warned of preclamsia during my pregnancy, but I didn't deal with that till induction began, which was scary, but I got through it! But, I believe cannabis was beneficial during my pregnancy, because it kept my little guy hanging on till the very end, after dealing with a neonatal death, a miscarriage, and a missed abortion.