Blood thickening tied to gender-affirming testosterone is rare

Jan 15, 2023
Trans and gender-diverse people people who take testosterone face a risk of blood thickening, but the largest study to date in the U.S. suggests that this side effect is rare.

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It's as if a portion of society has something worse than a trans fixation on identity issues. What are we talking about?
The sickness is magnified and spread to those of emotional disorders, giving people who are handicapped at the start, new hope they can transition into another sex other than the natural.
A cruel and ultimately money grabbing practice, preying upon victims who will never be what was intended. The reports are sick. Side effects so devastating the individual is cast out of this reality, not realizing the futility of the treatment and kind faces behind these injurious, twisted "medical" treatments are giving the facade of professionality.
Twisting an imperfect nature into a forced condition, by the fraud and wholly criminal enterprise emerging nationwide, further complicating the perverse nature of this action, and creating a manufactured health emergency, criminal in concept.