Are dogs smarter than wolves?

Nov 1, 2023
"It's not really meaningful, I guess, to try to rank intelligence, because even within humans, it's hard to define," Salomons said. "It would be hard for us to say, 'Oh, who was smarter, Van Gogh or Einstein,' right? There's just totally different skill sets that those people had. And just the same thing with animals."

Except if we were to compare politicians to the working stiff who keeps working to keep them in office.
Oct 31, 2023
Equality does not happen in nature.
Only in the wishing thinking of humans do we see a need to be equal.
Equality is there in nature. But we failed to understand it. Wolves and dogs are same wolves have an advantage in hunting while dogs have an advantage in relationship-building with humans. Both have plus and minus. So, in my view they both are equal.