Ask Me Anything AMA with Astrophysicist Dr. Joe Pesce!

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Dec 23, 2019
The Source of Quantum Effects.

How have we never questioned Mass after analyzing Black Holes, Dark Matter and Particles with Mass that can tunnel?

There seems to be two sides to our reality. Projected Quantum Information from the Holographic Principle and Spacetime. Projected Quantum Information (Entropy) is the source of Quantum Effects. A Bose–Einstein condensate shows us lowering entropy causes matter to be quantum waves. Quantum waves can tunnel because projected quantum information doesn't have many rules. There is something weird that there is a certain size that an overall object isn't going to display quantum effects. I suspect the formula involves Entropy, Velocity, and (Mass) Enough entangled particles to remain entangled after decoherence. Yes, superconduction can display quantum effects, that is a sub-system of the whole system.

Spacetime bends from mass, it doesn't use the rest of the quantum information for gravity. Mass seems to be key to converting/representing quantum information to physical matter. This suggests Dark Matter is mass without projected quantum information. The Holographic Principle is the long sought missing key to the Unified Theory. If the Principle is in place, it would mean we are in something like a Black Hole. It would give us an answer to the spark of the Big Bang, the formation of this Black Hole would also explain Cosmic Inflation.
Sep 3, 2020
Dr. Pesce, if left on the surface of a planetary body like Mars or the Moon, would iron oxide decompose into other materials over time? Or in those limited atmospheres, are they stable in that chemical configuration?
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