AI and human values

Jul 29, 2021
AI is reshaping the society in sense of data processing, effectiveness. But still it is not fully data driven (within society, not taking into account the hazardous applications where humans cannot really go, being our hands and eyes).

The questions of the human/AI society have been there since the AI appeared. Let them appear for the awareness and deeds.

'Storytelling about the potential of AI also comes in for scrutiny. Nowotny draws from work by historian Yuval Harari and economist Robert Shiller on the contagiousness of stories. She highlights the tenacity of the narrative that technology always benefits everyone, even though this is not aligned with lived experience. “If half of working class men in the US today earn less than their fathers did at the same age, what does progress mean to them?” she asks. And she examines how we conceptualize data itself. It should not be thought of as a commodity, to be enclosed or fenced off within the paradigm of property rights, she explains; rather, it is a social good.'
Mar 4, 2020
Who's human values? And what human values? If AI is based on human values, we're all in great danger.

Human values have given us a bloody past. AI will be much worse.

Just look at all the crap that's being preached now. We see how algorithms censor ideas and dialog now......with big tech monopolies. Now, governments are doing the same thing.

Human values have the lowest standards. If any at all.

Our real problems are of our own making. AI will multiply this and divide us more.

We war and destroy, because of human values.

This is obvious to any adult.
Jul 29, 2021
This case is not about human values as we are used to think of.
AI is reshaping society in a way of data-driven technologies -appeal to the desire for certainty, and the yearning to understand and predict.
The algorithms faster and deeper to understanding and human behaviour, education, control over human habits and target marketing.
That is the subject.
We are not putting human features ti AI, we are making those features clearer to ourselves with the help of AI productivity of data processing and prediction.
Every piece of technology has two coin sides, just to have the brightest example of the internet.