Zoonotic Viruses From Animals With Core Temperatures Above Humans

Mar 12, 2020
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Has anyone noted the fact that the three deadliest zoonotic viruses known to man are linked to 3 very diverse animals (bats, birds, pigs) that all lack sweat glands and have core body temperatures of 40C, 3 degrees higher than humans (37C)*. The human immune system responds to most pathogens with a fever up to a limit of 40C before core body temperatures become dangerous and steps are taken to reduce it. Excess mucus flow is also triggered in an attempt to moisten the respiratory tract lining to help in fighting the pathogens as well. My point here is, the coronavirus is already associated with an animal with a core body temperature very near to that of a human’s high fever point of 40C so maybe our fever is not quite high enough to fight a zoonotic virus. Why not give our immune system a helping hand with a heated steam ventilator to raise the respiratory track temperature even higher into the 43C to 46C range where it might be able to fight this higher temperature virus. It should be noted that human respiratory track temperatures** can be significantly increased without increasing the core body temperature and steam bathers easily tolerate temperatures of 46C. Breathing through the mouth can also increase the temperature reached and takes this artificially high fever directly to the location of the coronavirus which from all evidence is in fact heat sensitive. Even if it was used at the first sign of infection it could very easily reduce the severity of the virus. Humans have been successfully steaming themselves for years at home with a towel over a pot of boiled water as treatment for normal colds and flus*** so why not give it a try as a possible treatment for CLOVID-19, it certainly should not require any significant study to at least try it, the increased moisture of the steam might also help as well. Oh, and finally the best part of all, it’s free and available around the world, a pot of boiled water, a large towel over your head and care not to burn yourself.
* It should also be noted that a high percentage of seniors (highest mortality rate from CLOVID-19) have core body temperatures of as low as 36C, 4 degrees lower than bats. Very mild cases have been recorded in dogs, body core temperature 38C. Everything points to temperature as the common factor.
** Although a human’s core body temperature range is relatively limited around 37C, the human Respiratory Track is much more susceptible to changes in intake air temperature and can range from a normal 33-34C experienced at room temperature to as low as below 10C in some winter sport enthusiasts. Mouth breathing can reduce track temperatures even further.
*** Most colds and flus start in the respiratory track and are especially more prevalent in colder dry seasons (and air conditioning) where it is the cooler dryer respiratory track that is much more susceptible to the viruses.