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Your Blood Type Might Influence Your Risk of Getting the Stomach Flu

Dec 18, 2019
My son was hospitalized for three days before they were able to diagnose he had Norovirus. He began feeling sick one day driving home from work. When he got home he started vomiting blood and had black diarrhea. I had him at the urgent care within an hour of him arriving home. By time we got there he couldn't breathe and his heart rate was all over the place. They had an ambulance transport him to the emergency room where he was admitted to the hospital. I don't know what all they tested him for but they kept telling me that they didn't know what was making him sick. Pretty scary experience. Nothing at all like any stomach flu I've ever seen before.
Dec 11, 2019
I seem to be suffering a relatively mild bout of stomach flu. Sounds like it's all over public places. My blood type is B so so much for that myth. I've had it before but I will say not very often and not very severely. My main symptom is a lot of burping. Though I have had one unexpected hurl so far that almost ruined my keyboard. Plus slight fever. All in a week's work....


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