Question write a detailed essay on global warming ??

Nov 30, 2019
You will need to cover what the Scientist say and write about it. Items to cover: coastal invasion by the oceans and also related erosion. You need to note that most of the world's major cities will be affected by this coastal invasion. With more energy available storms become more severe, we now have examples. Climate change: hotter summers, milder winters. Crop growing will need to change as the corn belt moves north. Prevention of climate change will involve major changes in living, working, energy consumption. You should note that the world's people are mostly resisting this or in denial. I feel change in what people do the prevent climate change will come too late.
Feb 10, 2020
Start out with, the ice was all melted, it's just happening again. Inc ancient Egypt and the lost city off the coast of Japan as reference. I think the temperature rising is not as great we are lead to believe infact most have no idea. They just agree with media etc. The increase since 1980 has been 0.7c. The global average is increasing and decreasing by 0.2c every year.. 2016 was the highest, then decrease in 17,18 and it went up again last year. These were built by man, the columns are 12ft tall.. They are currently 110ft below the surface..


Feb 8, 2021
Hello good topic for an essay, be sure to mention ozone holes and how industrial countries are strongly destroying our ecosystem, this is a painful topic for me, since I follow nature and there is almost no winter in my region compared to previous years if you want more information, I’m waiting for you here
Nov 12, 2020
As I understand your request, you desire assistance with writing in English. If that is correct, I assume that the source data has been noted and read and that you are ready to write. I suggest that you write your essay in your native language and process the essay through an on-line translator program into English. As a follow-on, contact a University in an English speaking country and ask if some graduate student in the English Department would be kind enough to review the translated essay for usage, and grammar. I wish you success with your essay.