World's largest atom smasher could seed microscopic black holes

Jul 27, 2020
Black holes appear to be real, based on all the data. Most who study them are certain they exist.

However, Hawking radiation and the evaporation of black holes is hypothetical. There is no proof it actually occurs.

Microscopic black holes (micro-BHs) forming at the LHC is also hypothetical. There is no proof it actually occurs either.

So, if Hawking radiation is real, whatever happens at the LHC is presumably not a threat.

But if Hawking radiation is not real, and micro-BHs can be formed at the LHC, and do not evaporate, what then? Hypothetically, that is!

Of course most would speculate that the earth would end up in a black hole. But perhaps unknown constraints on micro-BHs might prevent this. Seems to be another WAG of sorts. Any others willing to take a WAG at this one?!
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