World's First 'Living Machine' Created Using Frog Cells and Artificial Intelligence

Jan 26, 2020
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I think that it was a bad idea to make those robots. Please watch Dragon Ball Z. Cell destroys everything. That's what will happen in a few years.
I was thinking the exact same thing. Robots as they are now are fine for me but I am terrified of what they could very well evolve into. I always tell people "This is how the terminator among countless other movies of apocalyptic worlds started" but no one will listen.
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this is very well a dilemma. no one can answer this as of yet. Maybe Dinosaurs created us?

That is very possible. I am open to all possibilities that make some sense. I am not sure of the timing but if Dinosaurs were here millions of years and some of evolution is correct a portion of them should of evolved into intelligent beings. I mean after all they say we evolved from apes but still have not found the missing link.