Question With ongoing social distancing, what are some things you used to take for granted?

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Jul 14, 2020
I miss simple interactions with strangers. When this first started it felt like we were all avoiding each other, no eye contact, just pretending the other person in the grocery store wasnt even there. Turn to maintain 6 feet of space and move away, not even acknowledging that other human being. Now that it feels like we have gotten more used to things, but we are all wearing masks, and you cant't smile at people. I took for granted how easy it was to have silent polite friendly communication with strangers.
Mar 7, 2020
I miss seeing children playing in school yard or neighborhood. I miss visiting seniors in nursing home. I miss the warmness typically conveyed between shoppers in supermarket and sharing where an item may be found. Now nobody speaks and rarely makes eye contact. Children rarely at supermarket now. I miss an occasional meal at restaurant with friends.
People can still go outside as long as they wear masks and socially distance, it’s not like we are locked in our houses which many people believed to be the case but it’s just not true. But I live in an uncrowded area and I do see children playing outside... go for a nice long walk?
Anybody concerned about the satellites flying around day and night? Anybody, think that it is a coincidence that this is happening in the height of a pandemic and nobody asked me for permission to cover the over head skies with this atrocity. Anybody concerned?
I think it’s all those new Skylink or whatever they are called satellites that are being launched by the hundreds into near earth orbit, theoretically for Internet access? I could be wrong.