Why Teen Depression Rates Are Rising So Fast for Girls

I would also say it could be all the pharmaceutical drugs parents put their teens on now. Not to mention they expect so much from you in school so you can go to college. A lot of pressure is put on teens.
What Pharmaceuticals would they be?

They put teens on all kinds now. Back in the 90's they put kids and teens on Ritalin if they didn't pay attention in class or were to disruptive in their behavior. They have dozens of different kinds now. My girlfriend was on a kind of drug like that in her teens and she was able to quit is because it made her depressed and fill suicidal. I can't remember the name of it at the moment. It wasn't Prozac. I think a lot of the times they are overmedicating these teens and kids. Big Pharma don't care though as long as they are making money. Just look at the Opiate crisis now because of the drug pushing doctors and big pharma.
Aug 14, 2020
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Deja vu (all over again). There's a sense with these mental disturbances / challenges that, "You name it, we 'get' it". . . (and just in time, too, when the new 'treatment' just happens to have become available). This is not to say that the suffering isn't real, but that we seem to come to expect it, to wait for it, to look for it, even. Relieved when we can 'find' it and fix a name to it. Hysteria, depression, ptsd, adhd, autism, gender anxiety, generalized anxiety, erectile dysfunction (!), addiction. . . all there for the picking, along with the smorgasbord of treatments. One sick society?