Why do people make assumptions?

Jul 16, 2020
Hi, it's me again, Remainer 2016 (and hopefully Rejoiner as soon as possible if they'll have us, but otherwise known as Debbie. As I said, UK resident, and once more airing my own views, whilst trying to respect those of others. As I've maybe made clear, I'm somewhere in the middle on this debate - think Covi19 is real, not produced in a lab, and potentially dangerous for people in high risk groups, but also think it is depressing how Western Liberal Democracies have so willingly embraced draconian rules with long-term effects without much protest, even with a degree of virtue-signalling (which is an expression I hate but am still using - hypocrisy, I know!) and smugness.

Moreover, some folk just don't want to move on. At least the "stay home" advice here has been dropped and the social distancing (oh I loathe that phrase!) reduced to 1 metre, not 2, but there are still the stickers and even some TV so-called Public Service ads to the contrary and I've not seen one single store that seems to acknowledge that 1 is now okay.

But to get to the main gist of this - sorry, I tend to ramble, as you'll find out. I resent the assumption - whether from those who agree or disagree with me - that I, or anyone else, who even questions, is some kind of populist redneck who believes every conspiracy theory going. My own politics are of the centre (in British context, vote Lib Dem) with a leaning more to the left than right, and I regard the vast number of conspiracy theories with bemused contempt (okay, TV shows about them can be a guilty pleasure!). I think there's too much of a tendency to think that folk come as a neat package, with all their views, political or otherwise, tidy and stereotyped.

And here endeth the rant!