Why are sexually transmitted infections on the rise in the US?

Mar 21, 2023
Is there anything NOT blamed on opioids these days?*My cat puked on the rug=opioid abuse.
*The store is out of pickled
*I drew one of my eyebrows
I understand this is another war on drugs. Different drug.Same losing strategy. I think we need a new General that thinks outside the crack house.One of the known side effects of opioids is a lowered sex drive& inability to ejaculate. Everything else on the body is numb including the genitals. I'm a firm believer that not only is alcohol THE gateway drug it's one of the top 2 substances that ppl are more lax about wearing protection due to lowered/loss of cognitive thinking & inhibitions & as well as a solid Level 10 horny increase. I believe cocaine smoked or snorted is a close equal. I guess if the media keeps saying it over&over injecting the narrative into every subject whether its factual or not someone fighting opioid addiction will have a sudden enlightened moment&decide this is the last straw!I'm going to rehab!I might be homeless,I might share needles but this whole condom debacle has gone to far!Flush the pills down the toilet &get me a drink immediately! Fast forward to 1:26a.m. "you up?"