Whistle blower


Jul 6, 2020
This video by an army nurse turned whistle blower shows a complete bungling of the way the virus was handled in New York City.
Several things to note when watching this video. https://www.naturalhealth365.com/nurse-exposes-covid-19-3445.html
Patients who didn't test for the virus were kept with patients that did test positive and practices to prevent cross contamination weren't always taken.
All the patients on her floor who were put on ventilators died (it blew their lungs out) - The only patient who didn't die on her floor was the man who pulled the ventilator tubing out.
Covid19, was successfully treated when treated early with zinc and hydroxychloroquine elsewhere- no deaths. Governor Cuomo regulated and wouldn't allow the use of chloroquine. A Lancet paper was published stating chloroquine was bad. Later that paper was withdrawn as false. (It's possible the paper was produced by companies working to produce a vaccine. If an inexpensive treatment is available that successfully treats the virus their search for a vaccine and all the money they'd be making from the vaccine would be lost. )
Because people have been told to self quarantine they don't get the help they need early- proper early treatment has a much better outcome.