What's the difference between outer space and deep space?

Dec 16, 2022
The reference to deep space doesn't make sense. The further out we look, the deeper we see into the past. How can we ever see the present universe? The simple answer is, we can't, unless we can exceed light speed. Even then the question is, would we actually see the future? To see the presence of any place in the universe, we'd have to be able to see light flowing in our direction as it passes a point of interest. To us on our little planet that would be seeing the future. It gets confusing. Generally, the edge of the universe is the event we named the big bang. But, that's also the beginning of the universe as far as it's understood at the present time. Therefore, all the light we see arriving from outer space is a message from the past. We can only see what has already happened somewhere else. We can't see what is happening somewhere else right now. Light is only showing us what has already happened. If half the distant universe blew up for some reason, we wouldn't know it until the light telling us about it reaches us. Therefore, we're literally living in the past. So, if anyone accuses you of living in the past, your best comeback is: don't we all?