What motivates you? Looking for inspiration.

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Dec 22, 2020
I'm wondering about the little things you do that actually get you to exercise and measure and track your food, put down the cake, etc.

For example, when I first started with MFP about 4 weeks ago, I took a picture of myself in a bikini, printed it out, and put it on the fridge. I plan to do it again once I reach my mini goal and put it next to the first one. I will do this every 5 lbs until I reach my goal weight/measurements.

On the wall in front of the space where I workout, I've printed out a picture of a celebrity body that I resemble when I'm in my best shape. I've already looked like this so I'm not going after an unattainable ideal. I've cut off the head and have thought about pasting my own face on it. I've read about this trick in diet books. I look at this body when I'm working out, especially if I feel my energy slumping.

I also have 2 signs on that wall that say, "just do it" and "you're going to feel great after it's done." So far this wall technique has gotten me to workout 6 days a week. And i read fitness blogs and magazines; looking at perfect people can motivate more!!
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Nov 26, 2019
Taking pictures of yourself, before and after are a good incentive and motivational.
If having difficulty in any form of exercise, then walking is always a good starting point.
Mar 19, 2020
The knowing that the universe is temporary and everything I can do and will ever do is now. I'm athiest, so my end goal isn't to get to heaven and I don't think there is a life after death. And while that may seem like it is sad to some, it really is quite liberating. When I'm feeling down or in a depressive episode (it runs in the family), it is important to remember that I'm wasting my time being like this. I should just go and do something, I only have so long to enjoy life. Finish my to-do list and I have improved something, making my slice of the world better.

oh you mean like motivation for getting through a long plank

Trust me.
Jul 22, 2022
All i have wanted to do in my life is to help people , i am not a scientist or have very little Education , i just get interested in this kinda thing , i have learning issues as well , i may not make much sense sometimes but i am willing to learn about things and am interested in a lot of sciences
May 8, 2022
I was impressed by David Bohm's observation that science has become so specialized that it has become fractured and the concept of "wholeness" is beginning to disappear in the avalanche of specialized research.

In my research into the function of microtubules, I found that many disciplines use different names for microtubules and thereby miss a wealth of relative information because nobody recognizes they are talking about the same thing.

For instance how many serious papers cite the neuronal cells as filling a completely different function as, say structural cells.

No one mentions the fact that all information is transported via microtubules which are abundant in both neuronal cells and every other cell as well.

Microtubules facilitate both intracellular communication, intercellular communication, and extracellular communication.

IOW it is not just neurons that transport information (via microtubule bundles inside the neural axons, it is everything that contains microtubules (and that is literally every Eukaryotic cell on Earth) .

Microtubules control the exact copying of chromosomes during mitosis.
Microtubules maintain cellular shape and orientation.
Microtubules may assist in navigation

IOW microtubules , not just neurons are the transport ways and highways of informational data.

To say "neuronal network" without mentioning microtubules is like saying "electrical network" without mentioning copper wires. " It's just a generality.
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