What Is Space-Time?

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Jan 1, 2020
certainly is - if I could choose a year to go back to to change it for the better Id go back to the early noughties when I first met my 2nd boyfriend & relive it without all of the problems -just me & him loving each other -living together
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Dec 26, 2019
Ok sarajo so here's another thought about time travel moving forward: I think it is possible you can kind of relive things with your next boyfriend without all the problems...since that's where your mind is at. Yup, just like all the personal trainers and martial arts experts say, the mind is the source and the physical the derivative.

Meanwhile, I hope to someday meet my next girlfriend - complete with her whole new set of problems - wherein I propose to comport myself with an improved demeanor.
Jan 13, 2020
I'm not much of a math guru. I received a daily text from deepak Chopra the other day where he said:

At the cosmic horizon 42 billion light years away space expands faster than the speed of light and galaxies disappear. - Deepak❤

So I was thinking that would be where eternal life might reside since its past time. What would life look like at a speed faster than light? Like a deity, that's what.
I'm not much of a math person, either. Just today, I've been trying to figure out two hundred thousand thousand. What it means?
Mar 4, 2020
Write down two hundred thousand. 200,000 Now, add 3 zeros behind it. 200,000,000

The three zeros added, represent the second thousand.

Two hundred million.

Space-time has roots in two false assumptions. The first is that light is continuous and alternating, and the second is that the emission duration is the same as the absorption duration.

Emission is the decoherence of an EM field. It happens at a rate of 2 times c. Because electric fields are repulsive. The emitted "wave" does not have frequency, it has duty cycle. It has a polarized duration. The EM field is physically cut from the field source. It already has the velocity of c. Emission is instant.

The emitted field disturbance induces the absorber for 1/2 period, and then the absorber relaxes or resets to the induction for another 1/2 period. The absorber has charge, and the charge reacts to the induction.

All of modern theory and all of modern experiments are interpreted on these two false assumptions of EM radiation.

We need to question our fundamentals. An intermittent strobe with an instant emission time, would explain all of our measurements, without space-time. And make perfect mechanical sense.
Dec 30, 2019
All about Space-Time - new theory of physic: Po Theory:

The Po Theory is a new theory of physics presenting fundamental issues, among others construction of space-time and describes the properties of space-time, e.g. its decay (expansion) resulting in the generation of time. In The Po Theory there are many models describing the structure of matter, e.g. particle generation model, particle mass (energy) generation model, preon structure model, etc. All these models are supported by mathematical equations describing the properties of particles such as particle radius, its mass, characteristic time associated with the particle, life time, range of interaction. The Po Theory gives, for example, a formula for calculating the radius of an electron, its mass or electric charge.
Po theory describes the known and yet unknown sets of elementary and fundamental particles, objects that are black holes - collapsars, including the Universe and Bi Universe collapsars. Describes interactions - forces that govern these particles and objects. It shows the correlations between the parameters of these particles and physical constants, symmetries between interactions, and above all determines the basic particle - the Po collapsar. The particle which is the smallest collapsar and the basic particle with the highest mass among the elementary particles, which is part of both planckon and fundamental and elementary particles, which is the basic "building block" of matter.

Po theory was presented in the book: "Po Theory. From the smallest particle to the BiUniverse", www.potheory.com or www.teoriapo.pl

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