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What is Kefir?


Every so often, a product begins to get the attention of the health community, and before you know it everyone is jumping on the bandwagon. Most of these are later found to be far less life changing or beneficial than claims would have us believe, but sometimes it’s not all smoke and mirrors. Kefir is an example that has been loved by the health community for years. So what type of food is kefir?


1. Kefir is a drink.
First and foremost, kefir is a dairy drink. There are variations out there that use non-dairy sources, but the original is made with cow’s milk. Kefir is a fermented beverage made with starter grains including yeast, milk proteins, and bacteria.

2. It’s full of probiotics.
Probiotics are what sell a lot of health products these days. Their benefits are continuously being studied, and there are some dubious claims that less-than-honest companies try to exploit. Nevertheless, the probiotics in kefir have 61 strains of bacteria, which is a diversity not found in many probiotic sources.


3. It has a few potential benefits.
The probiotics in kefir contribute to the vast majority of its benefits. Some of them can protect against infections, improve bone health, and have the potential to help with digestion. As with any health product more in-depth research is needed, but kefir does have enough proven benefits to be a good contribution to your diet.
Mar 13, 2020
I make traditional pancakes using the original Lifeway kefir instead of buttermilk. You can use your favorite buttermilk pancake recipe and simply substitute kefir for the buttermilk. You might have to adjust the volume of the liquid as kefir is thicker than buttermilk.

My family (and everyone else who I've made these for) swears they are the best tasting pancakes in the universe.
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