What is glyphosate?

Aug 31, 2020
You say people have claimed it gave them cancer.There is a history of corporations lobbying certain regulatory mechanisms of governance , thus hindering any oversight of the hazards and damage these chemicals do. Cancers, neurodegenerative conditions, and inhibition of mitochondria are the results of exposure to it.

The problem is in America there is a history of companies exposing the civilian population to extreme hazards and sweeping it under the rug, while the regulatory branches of governance turn their backs for a period (hush money) .

The WHO is a horribly compromised organization as shown to us by their ineffectiveness to prevent the upsurge of SARS COV2 , so if they say "probably" , you may want to read this as DEFINITELY..Please note how they downplay things, which is unsurprising since their largest monetary contributor is China.

Montsanto owns Bayer, a manufacturer of medicines. So lets do basic business....Bayer on it's website is doing research to create chemicals to combat...CANCER...Glyphosate causes CANCER...You follow? A win win business model, hence why it probably won't be banned any time soon sadly.