What does the Pentagon's new UFO task force mean? Experts weigh in.

Aug 18, 2020
Please check out YouTuber Anton Petrov's What Da Math -"Here Is What We Know About These Pentagon UFO Videos". In it he has excellent explanations for the well used videos showing UFO's.
Remember, the U stands for Unidentified! It does not automatically mean that aliens have crossed the vast distances to give us a thrill here on Earth.
I wish The History Channel would not use up their otherwise interesting line-up on Ancient Aliens or UFO documentaries.
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"So, it seems that the military is worried about unidentified objects that might be intruding into their sandbox. If unidentified objects turn up elsewhere, the military doesn't care," Sheaffer said.

Duh. What we expect from a human organization (xeno, yo), and in particular from those who have a penis.
Feb 17, 2020
Recommend you read my book, UFOs: Myths, Conspiracies and Realities - after all , I did run such a project over three decades ago. There is no doubt about reality of some sightings. Bottom line - more complex than cancer
Mar 6, 2020
By UFOs they don't mean aliens, just something they can't identify. This task force probably isn't looking for aliens, but something else, a spy satellite from another country in orbit over the US, for example. OF course, it is in their best interests for people to think this task force is busy straining their eyes while staring into the sun looking for aliens. Any other things they would like to keep secret will be covered under the deluge of "Government looking for ET" hype.
Aug 21, 2020
The Pentagon just announced the creation of a task force to analyze and understand the "nature and origins" of UFOs. Here's what the much-hyped news means.

What does the Pentagon's new UFO task force mean? Experts weigh in. : Read more
This article, with its tortured prevarication on the subject, is unworthy of LiveScience or Leonard David. We've had very high level Pentagon confirmation of the ETUFO presence now for three years, from the AATIP Program Manager Elizondo, and the former Assistant Deputy Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, Christopher Mellon. More recently we have the testimony of Dr. Eric Davis - who works for The Aerospace Corporation (the most 'elite' aerospace contractor there is), and the leaked notes of his meeting with VADM Thomas Wilson, then J2/Deputy Director of Intelligence for the Joint Chiefs of Staff, confirming the existence of Extraterrestrial crash retrieval debris under study. Moreover, not one of those eight excuses in your article pertain to the ETUFOs in the USS Nimitz or USS Roosevelt videos released by TTSA and confirmed by DOD, which had not just aircraft FLIR and shipboard Radar tracking, but multiple simultaneous visual sightings by the Naval Aviators flying the F-18s, with some close encounters at frighteningly close range (tens of feet), to their aircraft.

It is impossible to dismiss this as anything we were testing or that came from Russia or China. Nobody in the Aerospace/Defense community seriously believes those canards these days, so its embarrassing that you're still flogging that dead horse to the public.


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