Question What are the lessons from Karen Silkwood's murder ?


Aug 15, 2020
The court records and documents show how Karen Silkwood found that 40lbs of weapons grade plutonium had been removed by the CIA from a US nuclear power station she worked at.

The court records also show she was then murdered by agents acting for the nuclear power company, the US Atomic Energy Commission and the CIA

This was a Civil Trial based around Karen Silkwood's Civil Rights having been taken away via conspiracy to murder.

The records also show the Judge advised the open court that

the CIA had asked him to stop one of the 2 cases brought showing conspiracy to murder Karen Silkwood and he agreed on grounds of national security but allowed the other case to go forward showing she was deliberately poisoned by plutonium being put in her apartment and food

However the Judge warned the defence on the record that if they ever questioned key matters about the removal of papers from Karen Silkwood's car showing that plutonium poisoning was going on he would restart the trial and allow the conspiracy to murder case to also go ahead

It was eventually shown in court that Karen was poisoned with a type of plutonium that was no longer at the nuclear power station and had only existed at the power station years before Karen Silkwood worked at the power station

This old grade of plutonium was found in Karen Silkwood's apartment and food in her fridge and could only have been planted there.

After being shown the evidence a Congressional Committee arranged for the plutonium being stolen to be tracked by NSA satellites and was tracked being handed over to foreign agents at sea

The Congressional Committee was advised the plutonium was given in the 1970s to Brazil, S Africa, Israel and Iran (under the Shah of Iran)

This case also involves

2 Federal Judges being removed for blocking evidence required by the Silkwood team

Court documents and testimony set out that Karen Silkwood's body disappeared from the morgue for 24 hours and was then returned missing all internal organs and brain so the organs could not be autopsied

However later on the defence produced slides of Karen's lungs as unregistered evidence in court (and which were otherwise missing) to try to show the poisoning was not as the Silkwood team claimed

However the Silkwood team asked the Judge to get the Defence to explain where they got the slides of the missing organs from

It turned out the the US Atomic Energy Commission had had the body snatched and the organs removed and provided the evidence to the Nuclear Power Company.

After the Judge ordered the body parts returned it showed how much Karen had been poisoned


Dan Sheehan explains his role in the Karen Silkwood case

He also explains his role as a lawyer in the Watergate case, how he learned about who killed JFK while working on Watergate and left the law firm as he did not want to be in such a duplicitous environment


Finally listen to



Do not give up.

Keep talking about what has happened and understand that what is going on now is just the same as before

The mainstream media reports have always been filtered.

As Dan Sheehan says he knew all about the Watergate matters 3 years before the press began reporting on the background and that what was reported was distorted

He points out the reasons he learned as a lawyer that Watergate was linked to the JFK assassination caused him to leave the law firm he worked for. He probably worked at the top law firm in the world with the top litigator

President Nixon's role as the then Vice President to Eisenhower in secret funding of CIA actions and approving the setting up and training of a 3 man hit team to assassinate President Castro is what he says he learnt was then used to assassinate JFK along with CIA smuggling of opioids via Cuba to the USA with Mafia support the CIA used some of the proceeds to finance regimes around the world.

President Nixon was concerned that there were files showing his knowledge of the hit team in the Watergate offices because a key aid had joined the Democratic party team and could have known about the hit team.

Nixon was afraid if such information existed and mafe public he would be blamed for JFKs death.

It is set out that the missing 18 minute part of the Watergate tapes is about JFK and the hit team

Nothing changes those who use the state for power just do things more efficiently as can be seen from the Karen Silkwood murder.

We now know the following are real

CIA involvement in the assassination of various worldleaders and others
Bay of Pigs
Operation Northwoods
Pentagon Papers
CIA was linked to arms sales and shipments to Iran and the Contras (and probably drug sales)
Poison Papers etc etc
Nuclear power stations covered up the venting toxic water into rivers killing fish and causing in one case an estimated 50,000 cancer cases. Watch Dan Sheehan video on Karen Silkwood

The AEC tried to cover up and hide the Three Mile Island nuclear core melt down.

There are much safer types of nuclear power such as thorium based reactors so alternatives are possible

This is not an anti nuclear message just an example of how power and money corrupts.

The same things will be happening today in different ways

Today we still see big business controlling the politicians, domestic policies and foreign wars and the media says nothing
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