Western Imperialism in the Modern Age and How to Put a Stop to it

Oct 17, 2020


Also referenced: "Dark Money" by Jane Mayer, "The Liberty Amendments" by Mark Levin,and my God-given brain, which is the greatest asset we have.

Do you ever think about the process by which the medium you are using at this moment to view these words was constructed? For most of us in Western society, the answer is no. Whether a smart phone, a home computer, or a radio, we take this technology and the labor/resources that went into it for granted. Did you know that cobalt for our batteries comes from mines in middle eastern Africa, specifically the "Democratic" Republic of the Congo? Firstly, yes, this is where the resource is geographically located, and so it becomes necessary to do business there in order to have our modern luxuries. However, if you think that virtually free labor (i.e. slavery) is not an added incentive for global tech companies, think again. In cobalt mines in the Congo, children as young as seven are forced to work from dawn to dusk, often without proper tools or protective equipment. In these mines, children live and die without ever knowing the light of the sun. Assembly of these products is no better. In East Asia, cheap labor is exploited in dirty, horrid, ramshackle factories where dozens of people are crammed into tiny rooms deemed "quarters" by their employers. They likewise are forced to work dawn to dusk, paid just enough to survive. In Haiti, mothers who are taught that use of birth control is a sin keep pumping out tiny slaves that companies like Nike and Adidas can exploit, never knowing a life of even relative comfort, abused by overseers and forced to survive off $2 a day with immediate families that often number ten people or more. There are consequences to our decisions as consumers, and every day we refuse to face them, we are the 1% living a life of luxury at the expense of the Life, Liberty, and Happiness of a global slave class. Imperialism is not over simply because we grant these locales token freedom that truly amounts to nothing more than the lines on a map. We all want to deflect responsibility, blame big companies and the government. While it is certainly true that these institutions bear significant blame, it seems we have all forgotten that an institution is the accumulation of individual decisions over time, and culture is the agglomeration of these institutions in the context of a nation, state, or society. It is time to remember what once made America great, in spite of all of its flaws: we never presumed to be perfect, but we aspired to the greatest ideals: freedom, liberty, and prosperity for all. What greater and more all-encompassing ideal can there be than perfection? The greatest among us have known that perfection can never be achieved, but must always be pursued. Lebron James pursues perfection through the unparalleled and unceasing maintenance of his historically unmatched natural athletic abilities and skills. Tom Brady pursues perfection through the unparalleled and historically unmatched maintenance of his mind and his body in spite of extraordinarily limited natural athletic talent. While I do not respect what I regard as genuine selfishness in the lives of luxury these people procure for themselves and their progeny, I acknowledge that this is a reflection of the primitive expectations of our culture, and I have profound respect for the dedication which has lifted them to the highest economic and social status of our society. But every one of us, great or small, extraordinary or seemingly insignificant, makes choices every day that impact not only the world all around us in the present, but the aspirations, dreams, and lives of those who will come after. Whether or not a man in 70 years will be able to visit the stars... Whether or not a mother must awaken to the terror of instability, not knowing if she will be able to feed her children today... Whether or not a child will be forced to live there life alone, wondering how the lives of their parents and their siblings could be so callously rendered deceased through a meaningless act of war... All these things and more, hinge on the choices we make today. Democracy and the free market go hand in hand, and this is the only system in human history that gives the people the power to make a better world every day. Choose not to reappropriate your own wealth into the hands of a multi-billion dollar sports franchise by spending $100 you don't have on a baseball cap or a sweater. Choose not to reappropriate your wealth into the hands of Bayer-Monsanto by buying food or medical products from their subsidiaries, when they have so callously demonstrated a willingness not only to purchase a globally lethal asset (roundup and related products), but to then use their financial power to turn the courts against the people so they can keep KILLING THEM SLOWLY FOR A FEW PENNIES. Choose not to vote for legislators who masquerade as idealists, but serve the very institutions that seek to maintain power by consolidating as much wealth as they possibly can (government and business are battling to this end right now. Charles Koch will screw you over without hesitation but does not hesitate to secretly support the government bail-out when his assets are in jeopardy. Just ask Danny Smalley or Bull Carlson. The government wants to create a state of dependancy where we do not even question the profits of the military industrial complex, or the controls instituted over information and technology and regulations that serve no purpose but to create an unfathomable behemoth of an administrative state where corruption is rampant and "solutions" ALWAYS come in the form of policies that expand the government's power. Did you know that Congress literally DOES NOT READ OR WRITE ANY OF THE LAWS IT PASSES? Democrat and Republican "legislators" are in fact nothing but actors, whose job is to get you riled up and prevent you from seeing the big picture! State legislators originally chose Senators for a reason! Band together and choose the true leaders of your community, unaffiliated with a party, and WRITE THEM IN. Along with their election must come a mandate from the people! It is time to call a constitutional convention and restore the election of the Senate to the state legislatures, who now being comprised of unaffiliated non-partisans, can restore balance to our government by selecting unaffiliated non-partisans for the Senate. We do not have to be subjected to the turmoil imposed on us by party politicians who have been given far too long to get their act together. A non-violent path forward has been laid out herein, and in the true American spirit it must be subjected to the eternal process of perfection! Only one question remains: what are you going to do about it?