"We Have To Bring Down the Number of Cases Now. Otherwise We Won't Be Able To Handle It"

Mar 16, 2020
"What seemed impossible just one week ago is now reality: The coronavirus pandemic is fundamentally changing life in Germany. For the first time in the country's postwar history, a worldwide travel advisory is in effect. The government has asked people to stay at home. Movie theaters, bars and shops are shuttered. Daycare centers and schools are closed. It marks the beginning of what is sure to be a difficult time. And nobody knows exactly how long it will last. In this time of uncertainty, we need facts – and serious scientists to explain them to us. Virologist Christian Drosten has become Germany's de facto explainer for the current outbreak, with tens of thousands of people listening to his podcast from German public broadcaster NDR every day. ZEIT ONLINE met Drosten at his office in the Institute of Virology at Berlin's Charité university hospital."

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