Way too many Americans have gargled with bleach, sprayed their bodies with disinfectants to prevent COVID-19


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Nov 12, 2019
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We have over 300 million people here. How is this an adequate amount of people asked?

Using a small sample size to extrapolate data from a much larger population is ubiquitous in all manner of research. Getting accurate responses from 300 million people is not an option, so you get a representative group, properly weighted to be reflective of the total population, and use that data to get a pretty accurate idea of the population as a whole.

Some info on sample size can be found here, but it's just one link, there are a ton of resources out there for researching how to decide on a proper sample size.
Only if you believe in surveys or polls. And believe one can discern statistics in a faithful and accurate manner.

In these times, be wary of what you hear and read, and even see. All information is painted now.