Using a liquid for filtering in mask

May 14, 2020
Since it's very hard to find a good filtering system for Covid-19, I was wondering if we could use a liquid...
If a specific liquid could trap or neutralize the virus while letting the air through. Obviously I thought of alcohol, that should kill the virus but the fumes wouldn't be good for the users health, would soapy water be enough?
I know that having a "water bottle" attached to a mask would be uncomfortable, but that's not important, would it work?


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Nov 12, 2019
I just wonder about the actual design on something on this. Obviously, the need for a filtration system on masks is something you rightfully emphasise. But, I guess I just find it difficult to imagine a solution that doesn't involve risking comfort and/or mobility. That being said, I thought there were something interesting observations here:
Jul 6, 2021
The masks have always been mentioned as an effective tool against environmental threats. They are considered as protective equipment to preserve the respiratory system against non-desirable air droplets and aerosols such as viral or pollution particles. The aerosols can be pollution existence in the air, or the infectious airborne viruses initiated from the sneezing, coughing of the infected people. The filtration efficiency of the different masks against these aerosols is not the same, as the particles have different sizes, shapes, and properties. Therefore, the challenge is to fabricate the filtration masks with higher efficiency to decrease the penetration percentage at the nastiest conditions. To achieve this concept, knowledge about the mechanisms of the penetration of the aerosols through the masks at different effective environmental conditions is necessary. In this paper, the literature about the different kinds of face masks and respiratory masks, common cases of their application, and the advantages and disadvantages in this regard have been reviewed. Moreover, the related mechanisms of the penetration of the aerosols through the masks are discussed. The environmental conditions affecting the penetration as well as the quality of the fabrication are studied quickpayportal. Finally, special attention was given to the numerical simulation related to the different existing mechanisms.
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