USA: State by state updates on coronavirus

Jan 4, 2020
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"More than 11,000 people are under self-quarantine in the state, according to the California Department of Public Health, meaning they think there's a chance they were exposed to this novel coronavirus..." Where did this number come from? Is there a number to call to report yourself? I live in CA and I haven't seen any of my neighbors since Tuesday, nor have I ventured out myself. Maybe we're all under self-quarantine, but no one asked me if I am. There probably are a few million who are staying home. I just want to know where this number came from and how accurate it possibly could be.
Mar 15, 2020
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There are now ten confirmed cases in Williamson Co and 14 in Davidson, but no information from the Department of Health on whether they cases are linked.

I'm sure the State Department of Health is doing contact tracing, and they probably know if there are linkages, but haven't thought to tell the public.