US faces monkey shortage for COVID-19 research

May 14, 2020
Dr. mc Coy once stated that 20th century medicine was living in the age of Barbarism. The use of animals for the pharmaceutical industry in order to test the effects of drugs on, is inhuman and barbaric. Now, due to the COVID-19 pandemic there is a short supply of test monkeys, and we need to keep up a steady supply of test monkeys. A monkey reserve for the big drug companies. We live in an age of advanced computers and are entering a world of Quantum computers, you would think that there are better diagnostic tools that are not a throwback to the days of the Dark Ages. We are driving all species to the brink of total extinction. With their help our planet will be as barren and lifeless as Mars. We are on the crossroad to the future; which road we chose will determine if we have a future, or we will not. A hundred years will be here, but it does not mean that we will be around to see it. A monkey reserve? Why is it that our only concern for the Natural World, is when it serves our needs?
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