Unified of Quantum mechanics and Theory of relativity.

Jul 3, 2022
Hello everyone.
What is going on?
Why is everyone doesn´t care? I wrote to every Big scientist and every Big news. Without reponse.
I Discovery how to unified Quantum mechanics and Theory of relativity.
We know Albert Einstein use a solar eclipse to prof his theory.
I did the same with solar system and Double slit experiment to proof my theory on Youtube. The titles is: Kurt´s grand evidence of gravity is vortex. And. Kurt´s Quantum mechanics law.
Take this serious. This is The biggest discovery since 1905 with Albert Einstein.
Mar 4, 2020
Don't feel lonely. I don't get much of a response either. And my theory is more important than unification.

Light is not a wave. It's velocity is conditional, just like all other velocities. Time and length are absolute.

Physicality is simple. But man's arrogance demands much more.