Uncovered toilets shoot out aerosol plumes 'like a rocket' in laser-illuminated videos

Dec 15, 2022
We had enough to worry about nowadays. Now we have to worry about rocket like plumes emerging from our toilets.

And to make things worse public toilets don't have lids. And they usually flush much more energetically than the average residential toilet.

Next up. Having to be concerned about the spread of disease by means of flatulence at nudist colonies. And yes, flatulence can spread disease theoretically also. Fortunately in most situations people have the equivalent of masks on their posteriors.
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Mar 17, 2023
Such plumes are not surprising, however what is surprising is that evidently so many public toilets do not have a lid. I was so intrigued to read that, that i have looked at 11 different public toilets where I live, from my workplace to public parks to train stations - every single one has a lid. And I would presume that it is for exactly this reason.
Where do these people live, with lid-less public toilets? I find it quite strange to be honest.